Heli Skiing in Greenland

Heli Ski, Skiing

Heli Skiing in Greenland

Greenland may be the ultimate heli skiing adventure–its treeless landscapes, rugged raw beauty and ends-of-the-earth feel are unlike anywhere else. Vast glaciated peaks and unnamed runs descend into iceberg-filled fjords. Flying out over ice floes, you’ll often spot native Greenlandic people out hunting with their dog sleds or polar bears prowling for seals. That combination of stunning scenery, Greenlandic culture and world-class wilderness skiing has made heli skiing in Greenland a true bucket list experience. . . .

Heli Ski

Heli Ski East Greenland

We awoke that morning to flat light with low clouds covering the mountaintops. This equates to a high probability of not being able to heli ski. Good light and visibility are required for a helicopter pilot to fly safely in mountainous conditions in winter. But our lead guide, Matt Edwards, announced our imminent departure for the helicopter Hanger. The excitement began to build as we grabbed all our gear and walked to the hanger.  It . . .


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