Raja Ampat Misool 2020

Kayak, Raja Ampat, Sea Kayaking, Snorkelling

Raja Ampat Misool 2020

    After a leisurely breakfast we were whisked from our hotels in a flurry of taxies to a sleepy jetty then on to our sturdy wooden ship. We arrived under the watchful eye of flocks of Frigate birds and after finding our cabins and going through a kayak brief we lifted  anchor and sail for the Islands of Misool. Steaming south, we enjoyed the view as we passed between the jungled Islands of Salawati . . .

Kayak, Raja Ampat, Sea Kayaking, Snorkelling

Conquering Personal goals in Raja Ampat

In September 2016 our daughter Emma aged 33 had a stroke. She was left with right sided paralysis and aphasia, a language disability that affects her ability to read, write and speak. With amazing help from speech therapists and physiotherapists and a lot of determination and hard work, she has regained her ability to walk and communicate however neither to her pre-stroke levels. Emma’s Dad John, and I have done several trips with Expedition Engineering . . .

Diving, Kayak, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Never Ceases to Amaze!

Upon arrival on our liveaboard, we decided to spend two days in the infamous Wayag Islands. Wayag is a raised reef bed from millions of years ago with multiple faults running through the rock.  There are hundreds of sinusoidal shaped white limestone islands, topped with dense jungle. The white sandy substrate accentuates the turquoise waters and the white limestone, making this place one of the most photographed places in Raja Ampat. We wanted to settle . . .

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