The Caucasus Mountain Range forms the border between Asia and Europe.  The Caucasus Mountains tower close to 5000m, are characterised with having heavy snow fall throughout the winter, and deeply carved valleys. The Svaneti region is the highest inhabited area in the Caucasus and boasts 4 of the tallest peaks in the mountain range. This is a destination for any adventure skier.

The country of Georgia, and the town of Svaneti, is the gateway to skiing this incredible mountain range.  Our cozy ski lodge nestled on the outskirts of Svaneti, will be a welcome home away from home while skiing in Georgia.  With two ski resorts in the vicinity, easy access to backcountry touring , and a helicopter at our disposal, there is always something to do no matter the weather or the conditions.

Svaneti is steeped in a rich history that dominates the area. In the 9 through 12th century, the Svans built a series of defense towers, which are standing tall and proud to this today and lend a medieval air to the area. Horses and cows can be seen roaming freely throughout the town streets, and architectural monuments that have gained UNESCO Heritage Site Status dot the area.

This is Expedition Engineering’s newest Heli Ski trip and we are very excited to ski with you in Georgia!



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