Myanmar is one of the most amazing and least travelled destinations on the planet.
Also known as Burma it’s a land blessed with spectacular scenery, breathtaking landscapes and a fascinating history and culture. Our kayak journey will focus on the South Eastern corner of Myanmar, an area known as the Mergui Archipelago. This island chain extends 400km north from  border with Thailand, and contains more than 800 limestone and granite islands.

There is very little tourism, meaning the islands are incredibly pristine and well preserved.  The area is a kayaking paradise, the islands contain a huge variety of kayaking experiences from long sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs to extensive mangrove systems and rugged cliff lines.

The areas traditional people – the Moken are a semi nomadic “sea-faring” culture who’s lifestyle is heavily based on the ocean. They spend most of their lives on boats in the Mergui  Archipelago foraging and hunting for marine flora and fauna.







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