Baffin Island Kayak and Sail Adventure

Trip Overview


14 days




€ 5000 Euros


Baffin Island


Dates TBA

What makes this trip special

  • Kayak where few have kayaked before
  • Experience the land of the polar bear and narwhal
  • Enjoy the luxury of a yacht while in an arctic environment
  • View massive glaciers and towering rock walls
  • A true sailing adventure by crossing Davis Strait

The Tour

This is truly one of the most unique adventure trips on offer.  Landing in Disco Bay, Greenland we will be greeted by a landscape of white glaciers and dark rock, punctuated by Disco Bay which has been painted every color of the rainbow. A day of kayak exploration in this region will find us navigating around massive glaciers of all shapes and sizes and being immersed in West Greenlandic Culture.

We will then set sail for the East Coast of Baffin Island where we will spend the next 9 days exploring an area that few kayakers have been.  The Arctic Cordillera runs the length of the east coast and boasts rugged cliff faces and jagged peaks.  Marvel as we paddle along massive tidewater glaciers, negotiate around huge icebergs, and view polar bears from a safe distance away.

We will cross back over to West Greenland and finish the trip in Nuuk.

The Place

Greenland is an autonomous constituent country within the kingdom of Denmark.  Because of the warm ocean currents along the west coast of Greenland, it is a fairly “lush” environment compared to any other place in the arctic.  Many Greenlandic communities thrived on the west coast, and the majority of the Greenlandic population lives along the west coast.

Baffin Island is the largest Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The east coast of Baffin Island is free of ice in the summer months. The Baffin Mountains are part of the Arctic Cordillera.  The highest mountain is Mount Odin at 2147 m.  Baffin has been continually inhabited by Inuit peoples for centuries and archeological remains of vikings and European traders pre-viking age have been discovered.

Baffin is the homeland of Polar bears.  The waters are teeming with various species of seals and whales. Large populations of Narwhal whales and Bowhead whales are found on Baffin’s East Coast. On land we meet the Arctic fox, Caribou, Arctic Hare as well as a huge variety of birds.

The Weather

The weather in Greenland in June, July and August are the warmest months in the region although the temps are highly variable. It rarely dips below 2 deg C and can get as warm as 15 deg C. The average temperature in August is 10 deg C. During August there is on average of seven days of precipitation. You should prepare for sunshine as well as showers. Wind is generally light to moderate but can shift quickly.

The weather is generally very good in Baffin during the summer. High pressure normally dominates with sunny skies and light winds.  Temperatures in Baffin duringAugust is normally around 5 to 10 deg C, cooler at night. Rain or snow during August is unusual but possible.

What's Included

  • Thirteen nights on the yacht.
  • All meals from Lunch on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 14.
  • Expedition kayaks, paddles, life jackets and safety equipment.
  • Dedicated kayak guide.
  • Sailing instruction.
  • Guided walks and land excursions.
  • Use of a dry suit.

What's Not Included

  • Any flights.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Accommodation in Ilulissat or Nuuk pre and post trip.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Breakfast on Day 1.
  • Travel insurance.

Trip Itinerary


Arrive in Ilulissat, we’ll either meet you at the airport or a the harbor. We’ll have a safety briefing, get fitted in the kayaks and set sail for a short transit into Disko Bay. Our afternoon will be spent kayaking around icebergs and enjoying views of the Greenland Icecap. L & D


We’ll set sail early in the morning. We’ll spend the whole day enjoying the distant views of Greenland as it fades into the horizon. We hope to see whales and dolphins during our crossing.  B, L & D


We’ll awake at sea, and spend a relaxing day enjoying the rhythms of the ocean. By the afternoon we expect to see the Mountains of Baffin in the distance. B, L & D

DAY 4 and 5

huge granite walls ripping straight up out of the ocean. Massive terminal glaciers. Sam Ford fiord is a wild place. We’ll spend two days kayaking and hiking in this amazing area. B, L & D


A smaller but equally impressive fiord just to the south of Sam Ford Fiord provides some excellent paddling opportunities. B, L & D


We’ll leave Little Sam Ford Fiord in the morning and make our way down the coast to Clyde River. This tiny hamlet has a population of about 1000 residents. It’s a traditional outpost that gives provides a brief insight into a more traditional way of life. If there’s time in the afternoon we’ll plan to do go for a paddle in the islands to the south of the Clyde river. B, L & D

DAY 8 and 9

An early start is required for the long transit around to Isabella Bay. This area is home to a large population of bowhead whales. These were on the verge of extinction during the late whaling period but are making a come back. We hope to not only see the Bowheads but to get an opportunity to paddle with them. B, L & D

DAY 10 and 11

We’ll keep heading south along the coast, enjoying the spectacular views along the way.  We’ll paddle in the islands and the fiords of the Park, an area known to have Narwhals and Polar Bears.  B, L & D

DAY 12 and 13

Sailing back across the Davis Strait towards Greenland.  B, L & D

DAY 14
We will arrive in Nuuk by mid morning – Trip Finished. B


Baffin Island Kayaking



Peter the 1st is the perfect expedition yacht. She is a 60 foot, steel hulled, fully rigged motor sailor registered as a commercial – Category 0 (zero – Unrestricted) vessel. She carries a comprehensive range of safety, operational and navigational equipment. A 180hp Gardner diesel engine powers the vessel and she is equipped with 1 zodiac tender. She sails beautifully and has a powerful engine to push her along at 8+ knots when needed.
She completed the first unassisted transit of the North West and North East Passage in a single season. She has been meticulously maintained and refitted.

Baffin Kayak and Sail


Yacht Specs

Yacht type – Bermuda Sloop
Length – 18m or 60ft
Breadth – 5m or 16ft
Number of Guest Births – 6
Number of Bathrooms – 1

The Cabins

The yacht can accommodate 6 guests. There are four cabins plus one birth midship. The forward cabin can accommodate 4 people, the three rear cabins can each accommodate 2 people. Cabin allocation is determined by the needs of the group. Each cabin has some storage and hanging space as well as a 220 volt charging station to keep your electronics topped up.

The Living Spaces

Peter the 1st features a heated saloon with seating for 9 people. There’s also a heated pilot house where guests can enjoy the scenery in relative comfort. There’s one bathroom with a sink and shower.

Photo Gallery

Route Map

Baffin Island, Kayak baffin island

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of weather can we expect?
The weather is generally very good in Baffin during the summer. High pressure normally dominates with sunny skies and light winds. Temperatures in Baffin during August is normally around 5 to 10 deg C, cooler at night. Rain or snow during August is unusual but possible.
Are Polar Bears a concern ?
No, we will take measures to stay away from these beautiful animals and view them from a safe distance if spotted. All guides are trained in polar bear protocols. They all carry a gun and although we have never had to shoot a polar bear all guides are trained to do so if required.
Is there communication onboard the boat?
For emergencies there is an internet and satellite phone service onboard the yacht. Guides and captain also have VHF radios for communication while on outings. There is also a SPOT device for text and email communication via GPS.
Can I charge my electronics onboard the boat?
Yes, the boat has multiple 220 volt outlets. There is plenty of opportunities to charge your electronics.
What is the food like onboard?
Meals are hearty. The cuisine is almost entirely Russian, which means lots of carbs and delicious soups. We are happy to cater for vegetarians and other special dietary requirements. Please let us know at the time of booking. It’s a good idea to bring along some of your own dietary substitutes if you have a specialist diet.
Do I need to be an expert paddler?
Kayakers should be of an intermediate standard and have paddled before on outings up to 12km in length. You do not have to be an expert or know how to roll but should have an adventurous spirit and recognise that the weather will influence greatly what we can and can't do. This is cold water kayaking and should not be your first paddling experience.
Are drysuits provided?
Yes, we provide everyone with high quality drysuits at no additional cost.

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