Trip Overview


8 days / 7 days kayaking


3 / 5


€ 2500


East Greenland


2022 - August 11 - 18

What makes this trip special

  • Paddling amongst thousands of icebergs
  • Experiencing tidewater glaciers
  • Living with the midnight sun
  • Experience traditional East Greenlandic culture

The Tour

Join us for a week of paddling through the most spectacular fiords of East Greenland.  Be surrounded by rugged granite mountains, thousands of floating icebergs, and incredible glaciers that meet the ocean.  We will experience two traditional East Greenlandic villages during the week. Taking time to wander the streets and interact with people of all ages.

We will explore the remote passageways and islands of this area, meander through iceberg mazes, and paddle at the foot of tidewater glaciers. Humpback whales are a common sight throughout the fiords, whether we are kayaking or at camp, the sound of spouting whales will often draw our attention.

Camping on remote beaches and rock slabs will grant us views of the midnight sun over towering granite mountains and snowy peaks.  We will partake in hearty, tasty meals each day, and sleep in tents for the duration of our paddling week.

The Place

East Greenland is a very remote, sparsely populated area that is surrounded by rugged granite mountains, glaciers, snow capped peaks and a few small East Greenlandic Villages. This is the traditional territory of the Thule people, whose knowledge of the weather, snow and animals was paramount to their survival.

The Weather

June, July and August are the warmest months with average daytime temperatures of 10C and night time temperatures dropping to 2C. Winds are generally light, but can blow up quickly because of downflow winds from the glaciers. Summer months are generally dry, but there is always a chance of showers.

The Culture

Greenland is an autonomous constituent country of Denmark. The official language is Greenlandic, but the colonial language Danish is widely spread. East Greenland villages are still hunting and fishing cultures, relying on the natural environment for their food source. The cultural reliance on knowledge of the landscape, weather, ocean conditions and nature still plays a very important role in the day to day life of East Greenlandic peoples.

The Sea Kayaking

Paddlers must be experienced expedition kayakers and comfortable paddling in a variety of conditions. Paddlers must be able to paddle for 2 hours at a time in a variety of conditions. This is a cold water environment and should not be your first kayak expedition experience.

What's Included

  • Expedition kayaks, paddles, life jackets and safety equipment
  • Dedicated kayak guide
  • Guided walks and land excursions
  • 2 nights accommodation in basic hotel style accommodation
  • 1 tent per two people
  • All cooking gear and 2 group tents
  • Meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 8
  • Drysuits

What's Not Included

  • Flights
  • Airport transfers in Reykjavik
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal clothing and camping equipment ( sleeping bags, thermarests)
  • Accommodation in Reykjavik

Trip Itinerary


Arrive in Kulusuk and transfer to our basic hotel type accommodation. We will have a trip briefing upon arrival, including introductions, route options, and gear lists. Ideally we will go for a shakedown paddle in the afternoon.
Guesthouse. Dinner.


We will pack our kayaks with equipment and food and begin our journey northward. We will immediately encounter icebergs of all sizes, their shapes and beauty will never grow old. We will paddle north to Apusiaajik Glacier, a tidewater glacier on the uninhabited Apussiajik Island. We will explore this rugged and glaciated coastline and set up our camp at Qittattit which is a beautiful, long sandy beach with stunning views over Ammassaliip Fiord.
Camping. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


We will continue paddling north up Ammassalik Fiord where we will most likely encounter whales as they feed and travel through the Fiord. Towards the end of the day we will visit Kummiut village. This is an incredibly colourful village of small houses painted every color of the rainbow, nestled below massive granite mountains. Kummiut is a hunting and fishing village of about 300 people. After a visit and short tour of the main street, we will paddle a few kilometers from the village and set up camp with a beautiful view of the Ammassalik Fiord.
Camping. B-L-D


We will awake to the distant barking of the sled dogs in Kummiut village, and head east. We will paddle through the stunning narrows of Tunu Fiord, where only a craft the size of a kayak, at the right tide, can get through. Once through the narrows, another world of glaciers, granite peaks and fiords comes into view. We will paddle around massive icebergs and explore their intricate shapes and sizes. Tonight we will camp at the head of Tunu Fiord. This is an incredibly stunning campsite with views of three glaciers, many granite peaks, and blue-green waters filled with massive icebergs.
Camping. B-L-D


The morning will dawn bright and early and find us paddling alongside massive cliffs walls with massive icebergs floating in the blue-green waters. We will cross Ikaasak Fiord and as we paddle alongside Aammaqqaalik Island we will have views of the open ocean with thousands of icebergs floating on the waters. This will be our view for the rest of the day as we soak in the stunning scenery. A beautiful sand beach awaits us at the southern point of Aammaqqaalik Island.
Camping. B-L-D


Today we will explore the many islands and channels that create the first barrier between East Greenland and the open ocean. The channels are chocker block full of icebergs and we will spend the day paddling through the maze of icebergs. We will camp on a small island Itterajik.

Camping. B-L-D


Paddle along the west coast of Ingiingateq Island if the swell and weather permit. With no islands between us and the ocean, we will experience some swell and incredible views of thousands of icebergs melting and calving in the ocean currents. We will start heading west along the northern shore of Kulusuk Island, arriving back in Kulusk by mid afternoon. We will stay in a local guesthouse for our last night of the trip.
Guesthouse. B-L-D


Fly from Kulusuk to Reykavik.
Guest provides own accommodation. Breakfast.


This trip is a wilderness camping based expedition. The highlights of our tent based expeditions are sleeping under the stars, total flexibility in our route plan depending on weather and group desires, as well as self sufficiency during the trip. Tent based trips offer an intimacy with the natural environment that we don’t experience anywhere else in our modern everyday lives. Waking up to the sights and sounds of the wilderness offer a peace and tranquility to each day. Ending the day around a campfire, watching the sun go down and the stars come out is one of the highlights of these trips.

Each evening we will set up tents in a different location along our route and spend the night in a beautiful wilderness setting. The requirements for our evening campsites are beautiful views, water front property, and some sort of beach for ease of access with our kayaks.

Each campsite will consist of an area where we set up tents, a separate kitchen area where our dining tarp and kitchen are set up and a designated wilderness “bathroom”.

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Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the meals like on this trip?
The meals will be prepared by your guide on the trip in a camp setting. Western type food will be provided with protein, vegetable and carbohydrate options for each meal. Meals are nutritious and healthy are aimed at providing participants with the energy required for a full day of paddling. We can accommodate any dietary restrictions so please let us know prior to the trip of any dietary needs.
Will we encounter rain on our trip?
There is always a possibility of rain during the trip. Guests should have adequate rain gear for both on the water and on land. A sturdy tent with a full coverage fly is a necessity during the trip. There will be a group tent to protect against the elements when in camp or lunching on beaches.
What sort of winds will we encounter while paddling?
Winds are generally light but can blow up in the afternoons due to katabatic winds around glaciers. There may be whitecaps to paddle through if this happens in the Fjords. The guide will assess the conditions before each Fjord crossing.
Will we encounter Swell during the trip?
The area we will paddle is fairly protected from the ocean swell.
What is the average air temperature?
Air temperature can hover between 2C-10C.
Air temperature can hover between 2-10 degrees Celsius.
Average ocean temperature is during July and August is 4C.
What sort of kayak will we be paddling?
There are numerous options for kayaks to paddle. We have both rudder and skeg boats as well as single and doubles. Please let us know your preference beforehand and we will reserve that type of boat for you.
What is a typical day like on the trip?
A typical day is as follows. This will depend on weather conditions: 730 breakfast (option for a snorkel) 900 on water paddling and exploring the area 1200 lunch break 1300 afternoon paddle 1600 arrive at our campsite for the night. We will endeavor to take a morning and afternoon stretch break each day to keep our hamstrings loose and happy!
What sort of distances will we paddle each day?
The average distance we will paddle each day is 15-20 km.
How many hours will we paddle each day?
We will kayak between 3 and 6 hours a day with lunch breaks and rest stops during that time.
Are there opportunities to buy anything in the villages?
There are small grocery stores in the villages we will visit with snacks and goodies and sometimes baking to purchase.
Will we encounter polar bears?
We endeavor to avoid polar bears with route selection, talking with the locals about bear locations, and proper camping etiquette. We carry a gun with us at all times.
Will we encounter mosquitos?
There may be small black flies at certain campsites. We suggest bringing a bug hat for your head for the trip.

Trip Reviews

We had an awesome time! Thank you so much for helping us explore this surreal part of Greenland. Especially Angela’s cooking and our “kitchen furniture Íkáteq” will stick in our memory for all times and we do miss the shouting “dinner is ready”. Matt provided our group with the guidance and certainty, so we could sample the pleasure of the trip.      Helmut Schmid

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