Trip Overview


15 days / 14 days kayaking


4 / 5


€ 3150


Lofoten Island, Norway


2022, July 10-23 - Full

What makes this trip special

  • Paddling in the arctic circle
  • Circumnavigating Vestvagoy, Fkaksadoya and Moskenes island
  • Experiencing twenty four hour daylight
  • Learning about the rich Viking heritage

The Tour

Join us on a cultural and historical journey through the stunning Lofoten Islands. A circumnavigation of the Lofoten Islands offers incredible scenery, a taste of Viking history, and a few creature comforts as we paddle through quaint fishing villages along the coast.

The first week of the expedition we will be paddling the South Eastern shores of the Islands. This shoreline has numerous historical villages, which we will visit. We will paddle beneath 800m granite cliffs, and enjoy the intricate rocky shoreline.

The second week will find us rounding the northwest tip of the Islands, and travelling in a north easterly direction along a more exposed coastline. The northern coastline consists of granite cliffs and huge white sand beaches. The atmosphere changes and is considerably more wild and remote, with swell, a cool northerly wind, and few villages along this stretch.

Norway Lofoten Islands Kayak Expedition Norway Lofoten Islands Kayak Expedition

The Place

Situated 150 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Island archipelago is renowned for its stunning scenery and rich culture steeped in history. The Lofoten Wall, a dramatic collection of mountain peaks, surge straight out of the ocean providing spectacular paddling. Being above the Arctic Circle means nearly 24 hours of daylight with sunsets that last for hours, a fitting end to each superb paddling day.

The Culture

The Lofoten’s are rich in culture and history. The area’s rich fishing heritage began in the 12th century when King Oystein ordered a series of fishing shacks to be built in order to shelter traveling fisherman during the yearly cod migration.

The area is also an important Viking Heritage area. We will visit one of the most extensive Viking Museum’s along the way, the Lofotr Viking Museum. The museum houses and explains thousands of artefacts that were found in a farmers field. We will partake in a traditional Viking meal in a reconstructed 83 meter Viking house.

The Weather

The warm marine currents of the Gulf Stream, ensure the climate in the Lofotens is considerably milder than in other parts of the world at the same latitude. However, summers are still relatively cool with July and August average day temperatures ranging between 10C- 18C.

Winds are generally light, but occasional weather disturbances can bring windier conditions. The northern shoreline of the Lofoten’s is considerably cooler.

Ocean Conditions

The expedition starts on the south-eastern shores of the Lofoten Islands which are protected from the dominant northerly swells. The first week of our travels will be fairly calm seas. The northern coast of the Islands is exposed coastline with continual swell for the second week of the expedition.

The Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking the Lofoten’s offers an incredible array of vistas and paddling types. Paddlers must be experienced expedition kayakers and comfortable paddling in a variety of conditions. Paddlers must be able to paddle for 2 hours at a time in a variety of conditions. This is a cold water environment and should not be your first kayak expedition experience.

What's Included

  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners starting on Day 2 of the trip through to lunch on Day 15
  • Expedition kayaks, paddles, life jackets and safety equipment
  • Dedicated kayak guide
  • Guided walks and land excursions
  • First night in Kablevag Hostel
  • Transportation and entrance fee to Viking Museum

What's Not Included

  • Any flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation on night of Day 15
  • All meals on Day 1 (This is the day everyone arrives and we meet at 7pm)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, thermarests)

Trip Itinerary

Our itinerary will be determined by the weather and sea conditions.


Arrive in Svolvaer, transfer to Kabelvag. Move into Hotel, meeting at 7pm. Kabelvag is a perfect town to commence our trip. Historically, it was the most important village in the Lofoten’s during the Viking era. King Oystein founded the village and ruled until 1123. Kabelvag has something for everyone, from a fishing museum, to a gallery dedicated to Norwegian artists, and finally an aquarium.

Hotel included. Meals not included.


We will paddle along the sheer granite walls of Austvågøya Island’s south shore and into the islets of the charming town of Henningsvaer. This picturesque town is perfect for a lazy stroll. The Lofotens Hus is the area’s best-known gallery and showcases more than hundred art pieces by Norwegian artists. We will continue past Hennisngsvaer to a beautiful little Island Archipelago where we will set up camp amidst the views of 1000m Granite Cliffs.

Camping. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


We will Island hop across the Gimsoystraumen fiord to Vestvågøy Island. We’ll visit the charming town of Stamsund and enjoy a hot beverage before continuing on to a lovely campsite with a fantastic view of Mt Festivand and the surrounding peaks on Austvågøya Island. We will be able to experience the land of the midnight sun from our tents, and watch, as the night never goes dark. This is the time to capture amazing images through photography as the dusk light lasts for hours.

Camping. B-L-D


Today we paddle bellow massive granite walls that rise straight out of the ocean. Islands and islets run parallel to these towering peaks and make for some interesting and fun paddling. In the afternoon we’ll pull into Ballstad and check out this lovely little town. 
We will continue paddling and set up camp just past Ballstad.

Camping. B-L-D


We will paddle up the Nappstraumen Fiord and cross over to Flakstadoya Island . We’ll arrive at the picturesque village of Nussfjord and have a look around. This village is located a tight cove surrounded by towering peaks. 
The buildings here were built in the 19th century and have been attractively restored. They capture the character and the culture of the Lofotens. We will continue onto Reine for the night, one of the most beautiful Fjords on the Lofotens.

Camping. B-L-D

We will paddle around the South Western tip of the Lofoten’s and experience a scenery and temperature change as we round the Cape. Soaring cliffs and white sand beaches will be the norm for the next week of our journey.

Camping. B-L-D.

DAY 8-13

We will continue paddling along the north side of the Lofoten’s, camping at white sand beaches along the way. We will see rare Sea Eagles and watch the antics of puffins that nest along the cliffs. We will camp at the town Eggum where we will take a bus to the Lofotr Viking Museum. This exhibit is housed with a reconstructed 83 meter Viking House and contains not only fantastic displays of Viking artifacts but has the all the atmosphere and smells of an old Viking home.

Camping. B-L-D

DAY 14

We will leave the north side of the Lofoten’s and head into Gimsoystraumen and back to the south side of the Islands. We will camp at a small but beautiful beach between Henningsvaer and Kablevag.

Camping. B-L-D

Day 15: Kablevag

Our final day of kayaking will bring us back to Kablevag. We recommend that guests book their flights for the day after we arrive in case we arrive late due to weather.

B-L. Accommodation and dinner not included.


This trip is a wilderness camping based expedition. The highlights of our tent based expeditions are sleeping under the stars, total flexibility in our route plan depending on weather and group desires, as well as self sufficiency during the trip. Tent based trips offer an intimacy with the natural environment that we don’t experience anywhere else in our modern everyday lives. Waking up to the sights and sounds of the wilderness offer a peace and tranquility to each day. Ending the day around a campfire, watching the sun go down and the stars come out is one of the highlights of these trips.

Each evening we will set up tents in a different location along our route and spend the night in a beautiful wilderness setting. The requirements for our evening campsites are beautiful views, water front property, and some sort of beach for ease of access with our kayaks.

Each campsite will consist of an area where we set up tents, a separate kitchen area where our dining tarp and kitchen are set up and a designated wilderness “bathroom”.

Photo Gallery

Route Map

Lofoten Islands Kayak Trip Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the meals like on this trip?
The meals will be prepared by your guide on the trip in a camp setting. Western type food will be provided with protein, vegetable and carbohydrate options for each meal. Meals are nutritious, healthy and are aimed at providing participants with the energy required for a full day of paddling. We can accommodate any dietary restrictions so please let us know prior to the trip of any dietary needs.
Will we encounter rain on our trip?
There is always a possibility of rain during the trip. Guests should have an adequate rain gear for both on the water and on land. A sturdy tent with a full coverage fly is a necessity during the trip. There will be a group tent to protect against the elements when in camp or lunching on beaches.
What sort of winds will we encounter while paddling?
Winds tend to blow up in the afternoons in the fjords. There may be whitecaps to paddle through if this happens in the fjords. The guide will assess the conditions before each fjord crossing.
Will we encounter Swell during the trip?
The area we will paddle is fairly protected from the northerly swell. There may be a couple days of small swell if the winds are blowing from the south. Swell on the south side of the islands is generally no more than 2ft or 0.75m.
What is the average air temperature?
Air temperature can hover between 10C-18C.
What is the average ocean Temperature?
Average ocean temperature is 10C.
What sort of kayak will we be paddling?
There are numerous options for kayaks to paddle. We have both rudder and skeg boats as well as single and doubles. Please let us know your preference beforehand and we will reserve that type of boat for you.
What kind of paddles will be used?
We have Prion paddles that are made of fibreglass. They are good blades, if you are used to a carbon fibre or Greenland style paddle you may prefer to bring your own paddle.
What kind of PFDs will we be using?
We have four different sizes of PFDs for guests. Wearing PFDs is a mandatory safety aspect of the trip. They are all high quality Kokatat PFDs.
What is a typical day like on the trip?
A typical day is as follows. This will depend on weather conditions: 730 am breakfast (option for a snorkel) 900 on water paddling and exploring the area 1200 lunch break 1300 afternoon paddle 1600 arrive at our campsite for the night We will endeavour to take a morning and afternoon stretch break each day to keep our hamstrings loose and happy!
What sort of distances will we paddle each day?
The average distance we will paddle each day is 15-20 km.
How many hours will we paddle each day?
We will kayak between 3 and 6 hours a day with lunch breaks and rest stops during that time.
What should I expect in terms of water temperature?
The water temperature is an average of 10C.
Are there opportunities to buy anything in the villages?
There are opportunities to enjoy the luxury of coffees and pastries at each village we visit. There are art museums at each village as well with the opportunity to purchase items, as long as they fit in the kayak!
Will we encounter mosquitos?
There are very few mosquitos in the Lofotens.

Trip Reviews

Richard Jolly, AUS

I was most fortunate to join Angela and my 2 friends for an exploratory 14 day sea-kayak adventure around the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. This for me was a fabulous trip in every way. Angela is a delightful person and very skilled and professional guide. Her cooking was excellent and greatly appreciated. Her bubbly personality made the trip great fun. The islands are a beautiful part of the world with steep granite cliffs plunging into the ocean together with countless fjords . The quaint villages we enjoyed for coffees and re- supply. Camping wild on the small islands (skerries) was a fabulous experience and the variable weather no problem. I would score this trip a 10/10.


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