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Raja Ampat, West Papua


2022 - January 6-17 - Full
November 6 - 17

What makes this trip special

  • The undisputed centre of marine diversity in the world
  • 12 days aboard a 4 star yacht with luxuries of the modern world
  • Experience both the southern and northern islands of Raja Ampat
  • Snorkel and dive with 1200 different species of fish
  • View 600 species of reef building coral
  • Experience the remote setting of Misool Island
  • Choose to sea kayak, dive or snorkel on three excursions per day
  • Unique cultural experiences
  • Cathedral sized caves

The Tour

This trip allows guests to see the highlights of both Southern and Northern Raja Ampat, with the freedom and comfort of a liveaboard. From the moment you land in Sorong to the moment you take off, you do not have to worry about a thing. Your guides and yacht crew will take care of all safety matters and logistics.

The first week will be spent in the Misool Island Chain where very few outsiders have explored. The second week will be spent exploring the highlights of the northern end of Raja Ampat. You choose if you want to kayak, dive, snorkel, or SUP. During the trip we will kayak, snorkel or dive up to three times each day. Our luxury home will act as a floating base camp and will transport us in total comfort from one stunning area to the next.

The Place

The island of New Guinea sits just below the equator, bounded by the Pacific Ocean in the north and the Arafura Sea in the south. Raja Ampat can be found on the northwest tip of West Papua.  Approximately 1500 limestone islands make up Raja Ampat. The area is untouched and unknown, abounding in pristine tropical beaches, sapphire seas and one of the world’s most spectacular marine habitats.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard and Kayaking Experience with Expedition Engineering Raja Ampat Liveaboard and Kayaking Experience with Expedition Engineering


The Weather

October through to February is considered the dry season. Rainfall consists of short but intense downpours that can occur during the heat of the afternoon. Winds are general very light during this season.

The Sea Kayaking

With so many islands to explore it feels like you are paddling through a maze of stationary icebergs, each rock formation more bizarre and astonishing than the last. Each paddle excursion is unique, and you will never tire of the view. We paddle through mangrove forests with hidden channels and bays. We will explore bays with thousands of mushrooms shaped limestone islands rising straight from the depths. We will explore coastlines with incredible rock formations and see a variety of the bird life that Raja Ampat has to offer.

The Diving

The diving in Raja Ampat is reputed to be the best in the world. With 42 endemic reef fish, numerous endemic sharks, as well as thousands of colourful soft and hard coral, each dive outing is unique and outstanding. Dives vary from calm water dives, to diving underneath sea arches, diving with currents, drift dives and diving from a boat. Two dive masters will guide each dive.

The Snorkelling

The snorkelling is also world class. Thousands of fish and coral can be seen on each snorkel outing and there are thousands of incredible sites to snorkel during our trip. We will snorkel from the tender, snorkel from the beach, and participate in drift snorkels.

The Stand Up Paddle Boarding

We have two Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’ing) available for guests to use during the trip. SUP’ing is an incredible way to view the coral reefs from above the water. The perspective from a SUP allows you to see all the green and blue hues of the water, see the fish swimming below and see all the colors of the coral.

What's Included

  • 11 nights accommodation onboard
  • Meals on yacht
  • Kayaks and all equipment
  • Stand up paddle boards and equipment
  • Two dive masters
  • Kayak guide
  • Port transfers at the start and end of trip
  • Raja Ampat Marine Entry Permit

What's Not Included

  • Dive equipment (can be rented from yacht)
  • Snorkel equipment (can be rented from yacht)
  • Meals while in Sorong before and after trip
  • Hotel accommodation in Soron
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Indonesian Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Airfares

Trip Itinerary

Your adventure with us will begin as soon as you touch down at the airport in Sorong. You wont have to worry about a thing as we will pick you up from the airport and take you to the yacht, where you can rest and relax from your travels before we begin kayaking, diving and snorkelling.


We will pick you up from the airport and transport you directly to the yacht.
Once everyone has arrived, we will meet the crew, have a safety briefing and set sail for the southern end of Raja Ampat. We will cruise all night long in order to arrive at our destination, Misool Island.


We will awake on the southeastern tip of the Misool Island Chain. We will spend the morning and afternoon outtings kayaking and diving Balbulol Island.


We will have a short transfer to Farondi Island and spend both morning and afternoon excursions exploring Farondi Island. Incredible lagoons, mangrove passages and caves will be ours to explore!


We will have a short cruise to the next island in the Misool Island Chain, Lenkafal. We will be dropped off at the southeastern tip of this island and spend a longer outing exploring the many nooks and crannies of Lenkafal Island. We will join the yacht in time for lunch. We will spend the afternoon exploring the rest of Lenkafal Island via kayak and snorkel.


A short cruise will bring us to the “Thousand Temple Islets” where we will spend the days outtings exploring thousands of intricate islands, of all shapes and sizes. We will paddle over shallow reefs and deep lagoons, under archways and through hidden passages in the limestone rocks.


Today we will explore an incredible cathedral like cave by kayak, stand up paddle board or flippers. This is the most amazing cave Raja Ampat has to offer. The afternoon will see us making our way north to the Northern Islands of Raja Ampat.


We will wake up in the Fam Group and have two kayak and dive outtings in this island archipelago. We will have the opportunity for a short hike to a 360 degree lookout of the surrounding area. Tonight we will cruise to the very northwestern corner of Raja Ampat.


We will wake up in Wayag, just north of the equator and paddle through the maze of uninhabited islands that make up this group. We will experience beautiful whitesand beaches and coral reefs just meters from the shoreline. Paddlers can circumnavigate the limestone islands that look like mushrooms sprouting from the sea. For those looking to stretch their legs, a hike to the top of one of the islands provides exceptional views of the archipelago. While diving, expect a variety of coral and large schools of fish.


To Equator Island! This island not only provides the opportunity to kayak across the equator but is part of a group that features hidden lagoons and gorgeous beaches. We will then head to Aljui Bay and have a tour of one of the pearl farms that thrive in this area. There is opportunity here for guests to purchase pearls from this pearl farm. We will also have a kayak and dive outing in this beautiful bay.

DAY 10

We will head to the southern shoreline of Gam Island and paddle into Mangrove Lagoon, we’ll wind our way through the mangrove fingers, eventually reaching three inland marine lakes. Here, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for dugongs, up to twelve have been reported to live in the area. On the other side of the lakes we’ll enter a new set of mangrove fingers which eventually lead us back to the open ocean where we’ll meet the yacht.

DAY 11

Today we will explore Kabui Bay and wind our way through hundreds of limestone islands. A maze of islands and passageways will have us paddling in a circle route to meet the ship where it dropped us off. We will explore one island that has ancient petroglyphs on the rock faces. Tonight we head back to Sorong, enjoying our last group dinner on board.

DAY 12

Morning arrival into Sorong. Enjoy a farewell breakfast before packing up and bidding goodbye to the boat crew. The trip concludes with a transfer to the airport.

End of Trip

We arrive into Sorong in the early hours of Day 12. It would be best to book flights that depart Sorong after 11am.

The Yacht

The Live-aboard vessel we use on this trip is called Jakare. She is a sailing ship built in 2016 in traditional South Celebes Phinisi Style. It is made of several tropical wood species including teak, ironwood and merbau. The ship is modernly equipped and stylishly decorated. The boat is 35 meters long and 7.5 meters wide, there is plenty of space. It has been specifically designed with comfort in mind. She is a luxury floating home that feels more like a hotel than a boat.


Click here for 3D tour of the Yacht


Key Features
  • Tastefully appointed cabins that feature individually controlled air conditioning and private ensuites
  • 1 Large Suite, with a huge rear window
  • Two large decks for lounging and cocktail hour
  • A huge dining area for meals and relaxing
  • A covered open air lounge with cushions and bean bags
  • 2 Tenders available for diving and snorkelling outings
  • Diving Compressor and diving equipment
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • A full fleet of good quality, expedition style kayaks. Singles and doubles available, all with rudders and bulkheads.

kayak adventures Raja Ampat Raja Ampat adventures

The Dining Space 

The rear dining area is an amazing space, it’s completely open concept with large tables and comfortable seating for up to 14 people. It’s sheltered but has open sides which allows a breeze to blow through the space and means you can take in the scenery while enjoying your meals.

Liveaboard kayaking trips

Liveaboard kayak adventures
Lounge Area 

Immediately behind the dining area is a large sheltered lounge with cushions and bean bags. This space also benefits from the open sides and is the perfect place to relax or read a book.

Tropical kayaking tours

The Foredeck 

The foredeck is primarily used as a place to get ready for an outing. All dive, snorkel and kayaking gear is stored here. Guests can get ready under the shade of a huge awning. There is also a large table which provides the perfect place to conduct briefings before an outing.



There are 3 types of Cabins onboard Jakare. The two cabins in the bow are perfect single travellers. They feature 2 single beds.
The midship cabins feature 1 double bed and 1 single bed. These two cabins work well for couples but can also be used by single travellers. The rear cabin is the largest cabin and features a queen sized bed as well the ability to use a small separate cabin with 2 single beds. It has a large window which opens up fully allowing unbelievable views and a nice airy feeling to the cabin.
All cabins have a private ensuite with toilet, shower and sink. They all have individually controlled air conditioning units as well as small fans.

Rear Cabin – Suite 

  • Fully equipped with toilet, sink and hot shower
  • Air conditioning
  • Huge rear window
  • Large number of cabinets and closets
  • Queen sized bed
  • 2 single beds available for families

Kayak expeditions

Cabins 3 and 4 – Superior Cabins with space for up to 3 people. 

  • Fully equipped with toilet, sink and hot shower
  • Air conditioning
  • Large number of cabinets and closets
  • 1 Double Bed and 1 single bed


Cabin 1 and 2 – Twin Cabins 

  • Fully equipped with toilet, sink and hot shower
  • Air conditioning
  • Large number of cabinests and closets
  • 2 Single BedsRaja Ampat kayaking adventures
Sun Decks

There are also 2 large sun decks which is the perfect place for a morning yoga session or a sunset cocktail

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Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the meals like on the liveaboard trips?
All meals served on the boat are buffet style with many options for each meal. The meals that are served on the liveaboard are generally traditional Indonesian Fare. This includes fish, chicken, rice, noodles, spinach like vegetable. Breakfast: (Examples) Granola and milk Eggs prepared in a variety of way per meal Pancakes Bread and toast Seared tuna Tomatoes and cucumbers Potatoes Lunch: (Examples) Fish prepared in a variety of ways, fried rice or noodles, vegetable dish: Spinach, carrots, potatoes Supper: Delicious soup starter. Fish or chicken prepared in a variety of ways, fried rice or noodles, vegetable dish such as spinach, carrots.
How much rain will we encounter on our trip?
Our Raja Ampat trips occur in the Northwest Monsoon season. What this means is its less rainy than any other time of year. One out of every four afternoons there quick downpours during the late afternoon in Raja Ampat. They do not last long but are intense.
What sort of winds will we encounter while paddling?
There is very little wind during the northwest monsoon season. Most of the excursions we go out on there will be calm to light winds. Not very often do winds exceed 15 knots.
Will we encounter Swell during the trip?
There are about two days of each trip where we will encounter swell. This is generally in the far NW reaches of Raja Ampat. The swell is still fairly gentle and it is a rare occasion where anyone gets seasick, even those who are quite susceptible to motion sickness.
Will we paddle in any larger swell conditions?
There are one or two outings out of the whole trip where we will paddle in swell. The conditions will be assessed by guides, and there are always alternate paddling routes.
What is the average air temperature in Raja Ampat?
Air temperature average is 31C.
What is the average ocean Temperature?
Average ocean temperature is 29C.
What is the average humidity levels?
Average humidity is 83%, and this makes the air temperature feel much hotter than it actually is.
Will the trip be cloudy or sunny?
Cloud cover is rare but welcome.
What sort of kayak will we be paddling?
We have a fleet of Rainbow kayaks on the Livaboard trip. The single kayaks are Lazers 5.15 and the double kayaks are Atlantis boats. The boats are plastic, have forward and rear water tight hatches, rudders, and padded seats.
What kind of paddles will be used?
We have two types of paddles depending on your paddling style. We have a low angle touring blade, Werner Skagits and high angle touring blades, the Werner Tyee. Both are fibreglass reinforced nylon blades.
What kind of kayak sprayskirts will we be using?
Skirts are all nylon with an adjustable waist bungee.
What kind of PFDs will we be using?
We have four different sizes of PFDs for guests. Wearing PFDs is a mandatory safety aspect of the trip.
What is a typical day like on the trip?
A typical day onboard the boat is as follows: 715am coffee, tea and granola breakfast 800 kayak/dive outing #1 930 full buffet breakfast 1100 snorkel /dive outing #2 1300 buffet lunch 1600 kayak/dive outing #3 and optional snorkel 1900 buffet dinner 2000 ecture (every other evening)
Can you explain the type of paddling outings we will have?
Each kayak outing is slightly different depending on the area we are in. Some excursions circumnavigate and explore a set of islands and return to the ship upon completion of the outing. Some excursions start at Point A and paddle to Point B, where the ship will pick us up at the end of the excursion. Some kayak excursions are meandering exploratory paddles where we explore narrow passages in mangroves, and paddle into lagoon after lagoon. Some excursions are more focused on putting in some distance. Every excursion is filled with incredible places to explore with stunning views around every corner.
How many hours will we paddle each day?
Kayak outings are anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours in duration. With an average total of 5 hours kayaking a day.
What sort of distances will we be paddling?
Distances could be anywhere from 5-10 km per excursion.
Should I bring a snorkel?
Yes, a snorkel, mask and fins is a must on this trip! The snorkelling is phenomenal and we often see species endemic to this area on outings, as well as thousands of fish, brightly colored coral. It is easy to spend hours snorkelling in this amazing place.
What should I expect in terms of water temperature?
The water temperature is an average of 29C.
Should I bring a stinger suit?
Yes, It is nice to have a stinger suit to protect against possible sea lice or stingers. It is possible to get chilly on the snorkel outings, depending on how long you spend in the water.
What type of snorkel outings will we have?
There are a few snorkel sites with some current, so it is nice to have fins. Most of the snorkelling is done from a beach, but sometimes we take the tender to a site and jump from the tender straight into the water. There is a ladder on the side of the tender to reinter with ease. Sometimes we drift snorkel, but more often we enter and exit from a beach where there is very little current.
Will we visit any traditional villages along the way?
Yes, we will have the opportunity to visit 1 or 2 villages on the trip.
Is there a dress code in the villages?
Yes, women should wear shorts past the knee, pants or a sorong and a conservative t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. Men should wear shorts or pants and a t-shirt in the villages.
Are there opportunities to buy anything in the villages?
Some of the villages make coconut oil, hats or carvings for sale to tourists. Most villages will have a small convenience store where guests can buy treats if they want.
Is there anything I can bring to give to the villages and the people?
School supplies are always welcome in the villages. Pens, pencils and notebooks are welcome if you want to help support the villages.
Are there mosquitos on land?
When we go ashore for breaks from kayaking or for short hikes, mosquitos are always a possibility so mosquito spray and optional long pants and shirt are a good idea.
Where does the boat anchor at night?
The boat anchors in protected harbours on most nights where wind and swell are generally not an issue.
Does the boat move locations at night?
There will be a few nights where the boat will bring up anchor and move to a new site so that we will wake up in a new area. There may be one or two nights where we travel all night long. One or two nights we may move for a few hours, and most nights we are anchored.
Who are the crew on the boat?
There are 15 crew onboard the boat, all from Indonesian and Papuan descent. Some of the crew speak better English than others. The crew are incredibly helpful and love interacting with guests.
Are there mosquitos on the boat?
We will not encounter any mosquitos while living on the boat.
Are there sharks and are they dangerous?
There are sharks in Raja Ampat. The majority of sharks that we will encounter are reef sharks and they are non-aggressive and curious. It would be very uncommon to encounter an aggressive shark in Raja Ampat.
Are there crocodiles?
There are crocodiles in Raja Ampat. Unfortunately for the crocodile species, the local villages and people have hunted most of them out of the area. There are a few sighted every season and these are generally seen in remote mangrove forests or many kilometers up rivers, far from villages and fisherman. As staff in Raja Ampat, we have not seen a single crocodile since we started coming to Raja Ampat in 2010.
Is there malaria in Raja Ampat?
Malaria does exist in the Island of Raja Ampat. The risk is relatively low due to the absence of large numbers of human cariers. There are surprisingly low numbers of mosquito populations. Malaria transmission rates are currently low in Raja Ampat, it is currently recommended to take malarial pills, wear long sleeves and pants when onshore, and use mosquito spray. You need to consult with your doctor about malarial medication for your trip in Raja Ampat.

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