14 Day Antarctica Ski trip

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14 days




From $21,000 USD


Antarctica Peninsula


2023/24 - Dec 21st to Jan 3rd

What makes this trip special

With only 12 passengers onboard, escape the crowds of a cruise- ship trip to Antarctica, while enjoying the ultimate in flexibility and personalized trip experience. Whether you’re a skier or not this is the ultimate way to see Antarctica. Choose what you want to do a daily basis and be part of the decision making process of the places we choose to visit.  Skip the days spent at sea crossing the Drake Passage, start and finish your adventure in Antarctica. Explore Antarctica as few have, on skis, in a kayak or from a zodiac, the choice is yours.

The Tour

Experiencing Antarctica has never been easier. Forget the cruise ships, our 87 foot expedition vessel maxes out at 12 passengers and is perfectly suited to facilitate an epic adventure. Whether you’re a skier or just want to explore the magic of the polar south without the crowds this is the perfect trip. Our journey begins and ends in King George Island, located within easy striking distance of the Peninsula. We’ll arrive there using a charter flight from Punta Arenas and will immediately launch into our Antarctica experience. Most Antarctic tours spend 3 days on either side of the trip crossing the Drake Passage, our whole trip will focus on spending time in Antarctica not at sea. Each day will organize a morning and afternoon activity, if the weather is good the skiers will go out skiing, the non skiers will visit penguin colonies, historical sights, zodiac cruise amongst icebergs and glacier fronts, kayak amongst whales or go for a hike in the snow. Catering to both skiers and non skiers offers the ultimate in flexibility and personalized experience. Cruise ships can only stay in one location for 3 hours, meaning that the ski program is rushed and quite often cut short. Our smaller vessel can stay in one location as long as we want,  we aren’t working within the constraints of a larger program so can move as quickly or as slowly as we like and really take it all in, skiers can aim for longer objectives or even do overnight ski trips, something that is simply not possible on a larger cruise ship. This is the ultimate way to experience Antarctica, leave the crowds behind and experience Antarctica on your own terms.

The Place

The Antarctic Peninsula, a place of ice, rock and ocean, there is nowhere on Earth that can compare. It is vast, remote and spectacular.

It’s the most northern region of Antarctic, granting it a relatively mild climate and making it more accessible than other parts of Antarctica.

The mountains on the Peninsula rise straight up out of the ocean, the highest of which is Mount Jackson at 3184m. The extent of glaciation in Antarctica is the highest in the world, it is spectacular to witness these massive glaciers that descend down the mountains and terminate in the fiords.

Wildlife is abundant, large populations of humpback, minke and fin whales migrate down to the Peninsula to feed on the rich plankton blooms every summer. Orcas are commonly sighted as they pry through the rich polar waters for seals. There are numerous penguin colonies dotted throughout the Peninsula, the spring and early summer is nesting time. It’s a hive of active in these colonies as the parents of the newly born chicks return from hunting escapades. The penguins have no fear of humans allowing us to get very close to them without disturbing them. Weddell, crabeater and leopard seals are abundant and we often see them lazing on ice flows completely oblivious to our presence.

Icebergs fill the fiords, each is unique having been shaped differently by the elements. Paddling or cruising close to these icebergs is an experience like no other. The Peninsula will leave an impression on you, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

The Weather

Generally the weather in Antarctica is stable in the summer with sunny days and light winds, it can however be overcast or even stormy. Temperatures hover between -10C and +5C.

This trip would suite skiers and non-skiers, making it the perfect vacation for couples or families looking to do different things while in Antarctica. Generally the skiers will look to go skiing on days when the skies are clear and the visibility is good, however we will try to go skiing at every opportunity. With the skiers out on their own adventure the non skiers have the flexibility to do whatever they choose. We will ensure as a non skier you are well looked after. You’ll have a dedicated zodiac and driver/interpretative guide to take you to penguin colonies, historic sights, go for a short hike or cruise around in a zodiac getting really close to icebergs interacting with incredible wildlife or exploring glacier fronts, there is also a couple kayaks onboard which will be made available to anyone who wants to dip a paddle.

What's Included

  • 13 nights, 14 days onboard an expedition vessel
  • Seat on return charter flights, between Punta Arenas and King George Island
  • All meals while onboard Hans Hansson
  • An experienced skipper and crew
  • Dedicated ski guide
  • Antarctica Permits

What's Not Included

  • Flights to and from Punta Arenas
  • Accommodation in Punta Arenas
  • Ski or Avalanche Equipment
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcohol (can be purchased onboard)
  • Airport transfers

Trip Itinerary

Day 0 – Arrive in Punta Arenas, stay in a hotel.
Accommodation and  meals not provided

Day 1 – Board a charter flight to King George Island arrive in the afternoon, move onboard, perform safety briefings. Overnight transit to the Peninsula
Yacht. D

Day 2 – 12 Transit through the Peninsula explore as many places as possible. Skiing as many locations as the weather allows. Visit penguin colonies, historic sights, zodiac cruise amongst icebergs and glacier fronts, paddle with whales, hike in the snow.
Our exact itinerary will be determined by the weather and ice conditions. We’ll aim to get as far south as Mount Scott. Along the way we’ll visit places such as Paradise Harbour, Port Lockroy, Portal Point, Nansen Island, Pleneau Island and the LeMaire Channel to name a few.
At night the boat will anchor in a calm harbour, we’ll plan our transmitting around weather and our desired activities.
Yacht. B-L-D


Day 13 –  Transit up to the South Shetland Islands. Visit Deception Island or Livingstone Island offer skiing adventures as well as interesting side trips.
Yacht B-L-D

Day 14- Wake up at King George Island. Disembark. Board a charter flight back to Punta Arenas.
Hotel B-L


The Yacht – Hans Hansson 

Antarctica Ski trip

The Hans Hansson is perfectly suited to explore the Antarctic Peninsula. She was originally commissioned as a rescue boat in the Baltic Sea where she served faithfully for a number of years.  In 2005 she went through a major refit and was modified to include comfortable accommodations for 12 passengers and 5 crew. Hans has maintained her rugged seaworthiness while providing very a comfortable home while exploring the most remote and extreme environments in the world. The crew onboard Hans Hansson are passionate about wild places, they are excited to showcase the beauty and majesty that is Antarctica.

Ship Specifications

Guests – 12
Crew –  5/6
Length – 87 feet
Breadth – 23 feet
Draft – 11feet
Propulsion – 525 Horse Power Diesel Engine
Cruising Speed – 8 Knots

Hans Hansson Deck Plan

Onboard Information

 Hans Hansson is outfitted with comfort in mind while cruising through the Peninsula. All cabins are twin shared and have their own therma-stat allowing you to individually control the temperature in your cabin. Electrical outlets – 220V are found throughout the boat with several in each cabin, hot water is available in the showers and basins. There is a library on the upper deck available 24 hours a day and contains great reference and reading material about the area. A large lounge area can also be found on the upper deck, the lounge is perfect for relaxing and also serves as a lecture area for talks provided during the voyage. A kitchenette is located next to the lounge with a tea and coffee station that is available throughout the day. There’s also a  laundry facility onboard free of charge.
The deck space onboard is massive and provides a unique space to take photos or watch the incredible scenery, alternatively access to the wheelhouse is possible and provides a warm environment to view the passing landscapes. Phone calls and a satellite driven email service is also available onboard.

Cabins Configurations 

There are two different cabin configurations onboard. 2 Superior Cabins and 4 Twin Cabins.

Antarctica ski trip


Twin Cabins 

All twin cabins are located on the lower deck.
Each twin cabin is equipped with an upper and lower bunk. They all have a wash basin, desk and storage as well as portholes with exterior views.
The four twin cabins share 2 bathrooms


Antarctica ski trip


Superior Cabins 

1 Superior Cabin is located on the upper deck and 1 on the lower deck. Both Superior Cabins have a private bathroom, desk, wardrobe and portholes with exterior views.



Route Map

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