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8 days


4 / 5


€ 2500




2022 - April 13th to 20th - Full

What makes this trip special

The East Greenland Ski tour trip is for those adventurers at heart who want to power their own way through the mountains and glaciers of this incredible environment. From dog sledding into the hut, and touring to the top of runs, this trip is a self powered adventure to one of the most incredible ski destinations in the world. We will spend 5 days at a remote hut, touring up Glaciers, boot packing up couloirs and enjoying the fruits of our labours with incredible ski descents with views of tidewater glaciers and rugged mountain peaks. We will return each evening to our cozy hut on the edge of the Karale Glacier and sit on the deck as we watch the alpine glow on the 1500m peaks around us.

  • A real ski touring adventure in a very remote part of East Greenland
  • 5 days in a mountain hut surrounded by 1500m peaks and views of the ocean
  • Incredible open glacier runs and steep couloir skiing
  • Lots of different terrain choices to suit all levels of ability

The Tour

Flying into Kulusuk, we will load everything onto a cozy, enclosed boat for a 3 hour ride to the small town of Kummiut where we will spend the night in a basic guesthouse. There is great ski touring right from Kummiut it’s also a fantastic way to meet the locals and experience their way of life.
The next morning we will clamber onboard a dog sled and spend about 5 hours travelling over frozen fiords, through a small mountain pass and along a spectacular valley to reach a remote backcountry ski hut.

We will spend the next 5 days skiing as much terrain as we can around the hut. With many terrain options and circle routes, we have many choices for each day. Day 7 we will dog sled and boat back to Kulusuk. Day 8 we will fly out back to Iceland.

The Place

The Angmassalik region is the cultural centre of East Greenland. It’s six traditional Greenlandic villages collectively have a population of about 2500 people. Most people are still sustained through hunting and fishing however tourism is becoming increasingly important.

The landscape is absolutely spectacular, there are hundreds of islands featuring towering mountains, massive glaciers and ice filled fiords.

The Weather

Usually the spring brings higher pressure and settled weather but we could experience anything from dead calm and sunny days to blizzard type weather.

East Greenland Ski and Kayak Adventure East Greenland Ski and Kayak Adventure

The Skiing

The skiing conditions are normally very good. If we aren’t skiing powder we’re playing with the aspects and hunting down corn snow. The terrain in the area has a lot of variety with lots of different aspects and features, providing protection from wind.

For those looking to ski steep terrain, there are lots of options. The terrain close to the hut has a number of couloirs as well as steep faces. For those looking for fun terrain but without the exposure or the commitment there are lots of options to put a smile on your face. With two guides on this trip we can break up into two groups and have both groups ski terrain that provides everyone with an amazing experience.

What's Included

  • All meals from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 8
  • Dedicated ski guide: 1 guide per 4 skiers
  • Boat transfer from Kulusuk to Kummiut
  • Dog sled and Greenlandic mushers to the Tasilaq Hut from Kummiut
  • 5 nights in the Tasilaq Hut
  • 2 nights in a guesthouse in Kummiut

What's Not Included

  • Flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation in Iceland
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Breakfast and lunch on Day 1
  • Travel insurance
  • Ski equipment

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Kummiut:

We start our journey by meeting at the domestic airport in Rekjavik an hour and a half before our flight to Greenland. We will take a mid morning flight to Kulusuk, Greenland. Upon arrival, we will board a cozy, enclosed boat and make our way to Kuummiut, a small East Greenlandic Village where we will spend the night in a basic guesthouse accommodation. After checking in we can go for a short afternoon ski tour or spend some time checking out the town and meeting the locals.


Day 2: Tasilaq Hut

We will awake to the sound of sled dogs. We’ll load our equipment onto snowmobiles and ourselves onto dog sleds and commence a 5 hour dog sled trip to our remote hut for the next 5 days.

Upon arrival at the hut, we will move in and commence with a safety briefing, an avalanche search exercise, and an explanation of what to do in case of emergency. We’ll go for a short evening ski tour.


Day 3: Tasilaq Hut

Our first day of skiing will find us easing into the area with great runs right outside our door, maximizing our elevation for the day. We will start by skiing the runs closest to the hut, there’s a great selection of steep runs.


Day 4: Tasilaq Hut

Today we will travel further afield and drop over the other side of the ridge from the hut to explore a west facing bowl with potential for couloir skiing. We will have views of the tidewater section of Kaarale Glacier.


Day 5: Tasilaq Hut

Weather permitting, we will head North to explore a north facing bowl with phenomenal skiing. We will have stunning views of Sermilik Fiord, and the Greenland Icecap in the distance.


Day 6: Tasilaq Hut

Our longest tour provides incredible views and an amazing loop. We’ll skin up to a pass and drop down the other side. The ski down will take us all the way down onto the Kaarale Glacier. A long skin back to a North face ridge will grant us ocean views from the summit. A long ski down into a different valley and we’ll complete the loop by skining up to another low lying pass and back down to the hut.

Hut B-L-D

Day 7: Kummiut 

Today we will ski down to the waiting dog sleds and make our way back to Kummiut. We will spend our last night in the village. There is the possibility of one last ski tour based out of Kummiut, time depending.


Day 8: Flight out

Fly out to Iceland.



We’ll spend 2 nights in a traditional Greenlandic village. One night at the start and the end of the trip in a cabin in the village of Kummiut. The cabin is basic but warm and comfortable. The toilet is an outhouse and there is no running water. Hot showers can be taken at the community centre.  Kummiut provides a glimpse into the Greenlandic way of life. There are sled dogs scattered throughout town and fisherman coming and going. There are a number of great ski tours that can be completed right from town.

The majority of the trip will be spent in the Tasilaq Hut, located deep in the coastal mountains of East Greenland this comfortable backcountry hut can sleep 10 comfortably.

There is a diesel heater, and a propane stove.

The hut features large windows and an outside deck to enjoy the jaw dropping views.
The Hut has a small kitchen and dining area as well as an outhouse which should be awarded with “The toilet with the world’s best view”.

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Route Map

Expedition Engineering Route map for East Greenland Trip

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of weather can we expect?
Greenland is a land of very mixed weather. Usually the spring brings higher pressure and settled weather but be prepared from everything from dead calm and sunny days to blizzard conditions and lots of snow. The average temperature is -5C during April but temperatures can get much lower.
Is there communication at the hut?
We will have a satellite phone, a VHF radio and SPOT device for any and all emergency communication.
Can I charge my electronics while at the hut?
There are is no power in the hut. We suggest bringing spare batteries, or a small solar panel charger for all charging needs.
What is the food like?
Meals are hearty with big portions to look after our high caloric intake needs. Dinners are all big portions and high in protein and carbohydrates. Breakfasts range from eggs to granola, oatmeal and pancakes. Lunches consist of sandwich type meats and cheeses. **Please bring your own snack foods as everyone has very different caloric needs and taste preferences throughout the day. ***Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements. It may also be a good idea to bring your own substitutes if you do have specific dietary requirements.
Do I need to be an expert Skier?
Skiers should be of an advanced standard and have completed multiple ski tours to feel comfortable on this trip . You should be able ski tour up about 1200 meters/3600 feet per day and be able to ski down black diamond runs comfortably. You should also have an adventurous spirit and recognize that the weather will influence greatly what we can and can't do.
Is the ski gear and avalanche gear provided?
No, all guests must bring their own ski and avalanche gear. Guests should be familiar with their avalanche equipment and have used their ski equipment before the trip begins.
What is the skiing like in Greenland?
Normally the skiing is very good. The conditions can be highly variable and we can be skiing powder, corn snow and everything in between but with a variety of different aspects and terrain to use we can almost always find some great skiing. There is everything from mellow glacier runs to steep couloir skiing.
Is there a high avalanche risk?
Not normally. Being a coastal snowpack with mild temperatures most instabilities settle out quickly.
What language do they speak in Greenland ?
Danish is the colonial language spoken by many people in Greenland. East Greenlandic is the official language. English is a common language in the “major” centers but in smaller villages English is rare.

Trip Reviews


Huge appreciation to both Matt and Ang, it was an amazing trip and a huge success. Can’t wait for the next one.

Peter Hill – Verbier Switzerland


Thanks for an amazing ski adventure. Great trip.

Benjamin Elston – England

Thanks a great trip, fantastic skiing, amazing scenery and superb food.

James Barrett – England


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